Some changes in the world have occurred and this is reflected in the character generator. That’s right, your actions and choices have directly influenced the rules, specifically which characters are now valid and allowed.

A quick run over the major changes so that everyone understands what is going on. In no particular order:

The Patronic faithful of Padrice have been recommunicated. At the previous event Patronic Padricians could only select the religion Excommunicated Patronic, but this has now been restored to simply Patronic.

The Matrial Pontiff and other Iskan Matrial authorities have acknowledged the branch of the Matrial Orthodoxy practiced in Charleston as a legitimate and separate Matrial tradition. The Matrial faithful of Charleston (and some Iskan characters) may now select their religion as Orange Matrial Literalist, as the tradition has come to be described by the church.

There is a new religion referred to as The Enemy. If you don’t know what that is, please don’t select it. If you do, god help you.

There is a new Uruk Clan, The Isk Clan, which has been founded by the acknowledgement of personhood by the United Duchies of Iskaland of some Uruk. If an Uruk takes this option as their clan this represents that they wintered in one of the Old World colonies and are probably taking on their customs. The speech rule associated with the religion of the hundred Gods still applies. The Isk Clan has a new Politician profession, Speaker for the Uruk, showing their increasing influence in the Old World.

The wars have been hard on Iskaland, and there is a new profession Iskan Deserter. This is a good profession for the soldiers of the Old World who have lost faith in patriotism for the nations there.

The University of Osterheim has been founded and there are Researcher professions associated with it. These researchers have the opportunity to become the most knowledgeable people in the Old World regarding the flora and fauna of Osterheim.

The organised crime activity in Old Adelina has successfully asserted some dominance over their colleagues in Charleston and many of the people of Old Adelina will find themselves wealthier as a consequence. 

It was decided that the Holy Patronic Church will continue to select the Governor of Old Adelina, but that there will also be a council of aristocratic notables. There is a new profession called Councillor of Adelina. Selecting this profession is not the only method of becoming a councillor, but it does indicate that your character has focused on their council activities first and foremost.

Due to the ongoing holy war in the Old World, a new profession has arisen, the faithful soldiers of the Patronic Church, Whitecoats.

One last thing, due to a terrible price that was paid, Uruk may now play Sorcerers. These powerful characters may use the faith of others through sacrifice and ritual to seize the authority to command the gods, themselves.