Early-bird discounts (aka the very real financial benefits of registering your character now)

Blackpowder and Bloodlines seeks to make your game as good as possible. One of the major elements to doing that is to tailor our game narratives to the characters at the event.

That means that the earlier you and your friends register your characters, the more time we will have to tailor the game to you and your crew. Remember that when you create your characters, we take the choices you make as clear and direct communication to us describing the game that you want.

To encourage you to register your characters now, we have an offer for you!

If you register your character and then purchase your ticket before the end of March, we will give you a $50 discount.

To take advantage of this offer simply register on our website and register your character and within 24 hours we will send you a discount code. Therefore if you are purchasing your ticket outright you’ll want to do this before you buy your ticket. If on the other hand you are taking the deposit option (see below) you will be sent a code you can use when paying the outstanding amount in your invoice.

Payment options (aka real life comes first but we want to know who is coming)

In order to enable you to secure your place, we have a payment option available where you may place a non-refundable $50 deposit with the balance of the ticket fee due the at end of April. This also helps us a great deal as the earlier we know who is coming the better we can prepare.

If you want to take this option use the discount code DepositCabin (if you’ve chosen a cabin) or DepositCamp (if you’re camping) when checking out. You will be sent an invoice for the remaining amount within a week and you have up until April 30 to pay.

If you take this payment option, as long as both your character is registered and the deposit is placed before the end of March, you still get your early-bird discount. See you at the game.

Registering Anew

Due to technical restrictions you’ll need to register again for the website. We apologize for the inconvenience. The benefit is that once your account and character have been registered and reviewed you’ll be able to see all your details whenever you like on the website. It also makes it easy to update dietary and other details in your account.

Finally if you have any issues at all let us know. You can email orgs.blackpowderandbloodlines@gmail.com, contact us via facebook or call Lisa on 0413 903 559.