Blackpowder & Bloodlines is a live-action roleplaying game, or, LARP. This is a Renaissance fantasy world. Centered around the settlement of a colony on a new continent. We have designed this game to explore three major ideas:

  • the beauty of struggle
  • the conflicts of colonialism
  • richness of play.

Made up of competing cultures, politics and faith. Life in the New World is hard and your survival cannot be guaranteed. Your struggle, through harsh environmental factors and societal competition, is our main focus. That is, our focus is on the consequences of colonialism.

The interaction between the natives of the New World and the colonists from the Old is central.

The rules of this game will be different, based on a combination of factors regarding your character. These can include nation, profession, religion. So it is important that you at least have a firm understanding of what your character can and can’t do with the games mechanics.

Regardless of your character or play style, the most important rules are very easy to follow, and merely require common courtesy and basic decency. The consequences for not following these rules vary, but can be found in our “inappropriate behaviour” section.