There is a particular way to play this game and it may be a little different from what you have seen or done previously. But fear not, I am here to tell you all you need to know!

Playing is winning.

Simply playing the game is winning. Your goal as a player should be to seek out interesting situations and make important choices. Follow the rules, for not doing so is refusing to play the game and therefore not winning.

You are not the only player.

You are one individual in a group. You are an important individual, but so is everyone else. Before you act, give a thought to the unhappiness of other players (not characters!) and let that thought guide you. If everyone strives to make the experience good for everyone, then our game will be great.

Your character has a name and is interesting.

This game is designed to be highly immersive. That means the characters (including yours!) in Osterheim should not be 1-dimensional caricatures but as real and believable as possible.
You can contribute to this in a number of ways, for example, always begin a conversation by addressing the character, not the player; trying to enhance the environment and culture with your actions; and not keeping secrets.

A story that only one person knows does not exist in the game.

Make Osterheim believable.

Blackpowder & Bloodlines has an abstracted and theatrical nature and so “realism” is outside the scope of the game. Instead, strive for “believable”. This is a fragile thing and so you should try to suspend your disbelief in order to aid others in the construction of a believable environment and game.

Trust your GM.

You may not understand your GMs’ decisions, but please try to accept them. Your GMs have a very different point-of-view from you (and have quite a number of constraints on their actions) and are trying their best to make the game as good as possible for everyone (which includes you).

You are an adult player playing an adult game.

Blackpowder & Bloodlines creates a sandbox designed to examine some very sensitive topics (prejudice, colonialism, etc.). This is also an 18+ game and we all need to recognise the need to act like an adult for this safe sandbox to exist.

Try to separate the emotions you may have for a particular participant (player, crew or GM) and that participant’s character (including your own!). If you find this hard and experience bleed between the two, you should find an appropriate time to discuss this with the participant or take your concerns to a GM.