The nations of the Old World are collectively known as “Sollundom” – for their shared Sollunian religion. The four nations of Angheim, Iskaland, Padrice and Tassanos are united by their shared faith but separated by their differing values and conflicting agendas. Their rulers have traditionally imposed a rigid class structure upon their people. All these nations have begun in the last few decades to explore the seas around them in search of new opportunities and riches. Together, they are the origin of all the humans in Osterheim.The Kingdom of Angheim

The Kingdom of Angheim

The Kingdom of Angheim is the most royal of royals. They are steeped in ancient power and the trappings of authority, with one’s place in society determined both by lineage and by the potency of one’s blood. Those who are not royal are often those who seek out something new beyond their homeland, whether they be natural philosophers, adventurers, outcasts, fifthborns, or weak-blooded nobles trying to find land to call their own.

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The United Duchies of Iskaland

The United Duchies of Iskaland are a mighty military power. The soldiers are highly organised through religious ties, and have a place for veterans and ne’er-do-wells in the baggage train. They are also known for their network of guilds and financiers who make do with their homeland’s basic resources to ensure that the country stays wealthy enough to maintain their military. The two groups are inter reliant but tend not to acknowledge each other’s usefulness. Iskaland is a matriarchal nation with very strong ties to the Matrial Church.

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The Holy Isles of Tassanos

The Holy Isles of Tassanos are an economic powerhouse with a mighty navy! The Tassonian Archipelago is the closest landmass in Sollundom to the New World, Osternheim. They trade all over the known world and are able to buy the finest weapons and goods. They are devoutly religious, with a large aristocratic clergy and missionary societies. They were home to the Pontiffs, which made them the centre of the Sollunian religion, however recent world events has lead to a weakening of this position. Both churches were equally powerful in Tassanos; however after the abnegation of marriage and departure of the Matrial Pontiff the Patronic church has risen in power and now holds sway over the government and nobility.

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The Empire of Padrice

The Empire of Padrice is the heart of culture and art in Sollundom, with nobles and craftsmen dreaming up new ways of thinking and revelling in the latest fashions or preoccupying themselves with courtly intrigue. The other side of the coin is the unfashionable types, either those who voluntarily excuse themselves from court to pursue asceticism or soldiering, or those who are expelled from polite society for whatever reason. They were a patriarchal society and the Patronic denomination once dominated the nation; however due to the excommunication of the Emperor and his subsequent conversion to the Matrial Faith the Orthodox church is now stronger than ever within Padrice.

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