The small town of Charleston has faced its own challenges along the road to independence and acknowledgement. It has been hard and it has been bloody, with valiant souls laying down their lives to see it survive. Yet they have managed to remain independent from all old world forces. And gained the recognition as an independent state from Adelina and begrudgingly many of the powers in the old world. This has come at great cost. As the fledgeling town was forced to send their labourers and farmers to Adelina, lest they all starve.

Charleston was originally a Matrial settlement of the combined Sollunian colony in Osterheim.

Playing a Charlestonian Character

Characters from Charleston are human migrants from Old World, the town only having existed for three summers. They bring with them many of the costumes and customs of their old lives. They have chosen to leave that world and cut ties with any support they may have had. Making this choice is no simple matter and those that do so have strong and often complex reasons.

When writing a Charlestonian character it’s good to start there – how did your character come to this choice? Then work backwards, what are they leaving, where did they come from. Look through the information given about the old world Nations for inspiration. But know that those from Charleston have more freedom to abandon or oppose the fashions or values of those nations.


Many charlestonians choose to wear colours other than the four old world national colours. Such as browns, greys and purples but others maintain their old wardrobes. Orange is often noted as a distinctly Charlstonian Colour. Though only worn on accessories such as scarves, hats or cockade pins.

Recent events in Charleston

Following the overthrow of the Iskan governor and the rebellion of the Tommies the rebellious Sollunians moved “down the hill”. To Charleston, named after a martyred leader.

Initially with no leadership, the Charlestonians staggered from crisis to crisis. The Adelinan Deacon seized a majority of their assets. And a shortage of food led many farmers who had followed the rebels to return to Adelina.
Thus far, the orange flag still flies over Charleston. They have determined to strike out on their own. Electing a Mayor to lead them, and rejecting the attempts of all outside powers that seek to control them.