The New world, is called “Aksh” (the Hungry Land) by the indigenous Uruk people. But called “Osterheim” (the Eastern Home) by the Sollunian colonists. It is rich and lush, but terrible, full of hungry beasts that prey on Uruk and humans alike.


The colony in Osterheim was meant to be a joint settlement by the Patronic and Matrial churches. A place to plant the foot of Sollundom firmly. And an Iskan governor selected to run the place with the blessings of all four Sollunian nations.
But the governor was overthrown, and the church’s representatives assassinated or chased back across the sea by rebellious colonists. A group broke away, declaring themselves the sovereign nation of Charleston.

The original settlement kept their ties with the Old World but came under control of the Patronic church. With one leader a victim of assassination and another managing to feed the populace only with the assistance of Angheim.

The idea of cooperation in Osterheim seems to have been discarded as the churches prepare for conflict.

The Local Area

Here three local communities reside in a relatively small amount of space.

  • the town of Old Adelina.So called because it was settled a whole 2 years ago by the nations of the Old World
  • the new village of Charleston. Settled just 1 year ago. By a group wishing to cut all ties with the old world to form their own nation
  • the ancient meeting ground called Eisguthur where four local Uruk clans come to share stories and make trade.

Tensions are high between the three groups. The scarcity of local resources coupled with the ever increasing populations is only going to make it worse.


The small town of Charleston has faced its own challenges along the road to independence and acknowledgement. It has been hard and it has been bloody, with valiant souls laying down their lives to see it survive. And yet, they have managed to remain independent from all old world forces. They have gained recognition as an independent state from Adelina and begrudgingly many of the powers in the old world. This has come at great cost.

The fledgling town was forced to send their laborers and farmers to Adelina, lest they all starve.


The Old Town of Adelina was founded in 1616. By a representative group from each of the four nations of Sollundom. It has experienced a range of setbacks and challenges in this new environment. The settlement is growing at an increasing rate. As it takes in refugees from overseas as well as those abandoned by the neighboring independent settlement of Charleston.
Whether they have the resources to support the newcomers remains to be seen. But it is clear they have the heart. Their challenges are further impeded as their lands have expanded.

Their land boundaries now border onto Uruk land.

Eisguthur (Uruk)

Eisguthur, is an ancient place, a sacred place. It serves as a meeting ground for nearby Uruk clans to meet on peaceful ground. Here they trade and share stories. Eisguthur has served that purpose for hundreds if not thousands of years. That is, until the arrival of the soft skins.
The soft skins have stolen this land and ravaged the local fauna and hunting grounds for their grossly enlarged villages. They have ignored all pleas to:

  • leave
  • keep their village small
  • stop tearing down the trees
  • stop building
  • respect the sacred nature of the space they have chosen to inhabit.

Ther have not heeded the warning of the doom. And it would seem that whether caused by the newcomers or not, something dark has awoken and the Land is angry.

Many are losing hope, and wish to fight. Some have new hope. But these soft skins have new weapons of great power. Weapons that have proven to be useful against horrors of the wilds. This, as well as other signs, have led some to wonder if the arrival of the soft skins truly is all bad. Or if it is but one part of a larger story that is to come.

Tradition dictates that very large settlements attract a terrible fate that wipes them out.

Holy Ground

Holy Ground is a powerfully sacred place for all the known religions in the game. Any true ceremonies or rituals must take place in Holy Ground. This has caused some contention between the groups, but thus far no violence has occurred.