The Sollunian religion is the dominant faith in the Old World. Followers are dedicated to the worship of God Herself, and her only begotten son, Sollun. Above all, adherents to faith of Sollunity believe that a prophetic figure named Sollun. Who descended from God Herself and walked the Earth some 1500 years ago. The tenets of Sollun’s teachings are the pillars of the Sollunian Church.

The Church is divided over their interpretation of Sollun’s birth. Did the prophet’s divinity enter Him through his earthly mother, or his earthly father? The two denominations have traditionally co-existed. Led by married Pontiffs residing in Tassanos as co-heads of the government there. The faiths have now turned upon each other. Since the Matrial Pontiff departed for Iskaland the two churches have been preparing for Holy war.

The Unitarian Heresy

Recently Charleston has seen the emergence of a new cult. The cult dismisses the divide between the Matrial and Patronic denominations of the Sollunian church. In response to this, the denominations have branded the cultists as heretics. Therefore, adherents to the faith of Sollunity will act viciously towards cult followers.

We do not allow characters to change religion between games. It is only possible to be join this cult in game. Please avoid choosing this option during character creation unless you made this choice last game.

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