Angheimer Redcoats prepare for battle
Be prepared.

Blackpowder & Bloodlines’ fourth yearly weekend-long event, “The Holy Tempest” will take place on 29-31 May 2020 at Eumeralla Scout Camp, Anglesea. Read below for more information about the event, as well as ticketing & payment information.

The holy war in Sollundom rages on, and casts a dark shadow over the New World. The denizens of Aksh gather, and mutter grim tidings. The storm breaks…

Tickets go on sale January 26th

Tickets for the event go on sale January 26th, 2020 – they will be available to purchase through the website (see more on pricing, below).

You will notice that we are again releasing our tickets for sale on the anniversary of the First Fleet’s arrival in what is now Sydney harbour; the beginning of our own country’s very real colonial history.

This is deliberate. The themes of Blackpowder and Bloodlines are intended to spur thoughtful reflection on real events through a fantastical lens.

So once again, take this opportunity to consider the way history has unfolded since then, and how that might play into this story that we are creating together – for good or for ill.

New Pricing Structure

This year we will be making some changes to how players can pay for the event, hopefully opening some new opportunities for people to pay in the way that best suits them:

Player tickets cost $250… BUT:

  • When you book, you’ll need to pay a $50 deposit to book your spot at the event.
  • If you register your character by March 27th, you’ll receive an Early-bird Discount Code for a $55 discount.
  • If you’re going to be camping, you’ll get a $10 discount.
  • You can combine Early-bird and Camping discounts, as well as any discounts from our crowdfunding campaign!

That means that if you’re camping and you register your character early, you’ll only be $185 out of pocket! That’s heaps more to spend on costuming!

We’ll also be able to help with payment plans, because we know LARP is expensive and we want to make it as easy as possible for people to afford the event we’re putting on for you, our wonderful players.

Making a Contribution

When you book or pay for your ticket, there will also be the opportunity to make a charitable contribution; to players in need of financial support, or to an Indigenous charity. There will be more information about these closer to the event!

Thank you

As always, we can’t do this without the efforts of many wonderful volunteers, crew, and of course, our fantastic players.

Thank you.


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