Game’s like this don’t run themselves. It is thanks to the hard work and support of our NPCs that we are able to create such an immersive environment.

An NPC, is a non-player-character. These are people who we design stories and motivations for. It is then up to the NPC to make the game come to life. Within the boundaries of their character objective, of course.

If you would like to get involved in our games an NPC. Read through our NPC and GM rules to see if being an NPC is right for you.

Or, reach out to us. Send us an email or a facebook message. We would love to talk with you about how Osterheim can come to life through your efforts.

Crowdfunding support

When we started this journey, we asked for your help with crowdfunding to get us going. We raised over eight thousand dollars!

Thank you for believing in us.

Masters of the Mint

  • An anonymous contributor - this contributor chose to design the leader of Padrice
  • An anonymous contributor - this contributor chose to design a leader from the

Old World Captains

  • Anthony Hartigan
  • Hannah Chew
  • Karen Hartigan

Treasure Chests

  • Gavan Keamy - chose the Angheim treasure chest
  • Phillip Leeder - chose the Iskaland treasure chest
  • Kullan Cordes Chose the Iskaland treasure chest

First Class Passengers

  • Simon "Hanbal" Hoad
  • Daan Dubach


  • Bronte How
  • Jack Nolan


  • An Anonymous Contributor
  • Avi Bernshaw
  • Andrew Kyllo
  • Phillip Leeder


  • Bryce Bannon
  • Andrew Kyllo
  • Phillip Leeder
  • Tarryn Paige


  • Chris Marshall
  • Shelley McOrist
  • Rob Grozdan
  • An Anonymous Contributor

First Mates

  • Leo Huang
  • Madelet Herholdt
  • Jordan Clarke
  • "nonchalance" Gavan Keamy
  • Phillip Leeder
  • Hugh Reynolds
  • Gareth Jones


  • Avi Waksberg
  • An Anonymous Contributor
  • Jessica Jones
  • "nonchalance" Robert Anderson-Hunt
  • Shelley McOrist
  • Gareth Jones
  • Heather Clark
  • Shelley McOrist


  • Jack Nolan
  • Michael Brady
  • Peter Shackleton
  • Ashley Streten

Local Area Maps

  • Madelet Herholdt
  • Gareth Jones
  • Phillip Leeder
  • Gavan Keamy


  • Gavan Keamy
  • Michael Rutter
  • Jake Pilgrim


  • Paris Pollock
  • Jen Magoulas
  • Simon Hoad
  • Nicholas Petrou
  • An Anonymous Contributor


  • Amelia Laughlan